Welcome to Idaho!

One of our favorite sayings is “The only thing better than visiting Idaho, is living here!” There are so many things that make the Treasure Valley a great place to live. So if you are a new out of state transplant, welcome! We hope you love it here as much as we do. Some of the best things to do in Idaho are.. outside! Whether that is camping, hiking, bike riding; nothing quite comes close to the beautiful outdoor scenery that Idaho has to offer. Since we are still in the winter months, it can be hard to get outside as much as we would in the spring/summer. But there are still great winter activities to take advantage of! Here are just a few we recommend.

1. Visit Bogus Basin

Bogus Basin Ski Area is located just 16 miles from Boise and is absolutely gorgeous with over 66 trails to get your Snowboarding or Skiing on! You can choose from either day or night passes. Lift tickets for adults cost $69 dollars for a full day pass and $34 dollars for a night pass. And if you aren’t ready to hop of the snow trails just yet, play it safe by trying their winter tubing instead! This is a great activity for families or a group of friends to do together! It’s $20 dollars per person for an hour and a half of tubing. Make sure to visit their website at bogusbasin.org and make your reservation to ensure you get a time slot. Dress warm!

2. Take a Day Trip to McCall

If you’re not too big on winter activities, take a drive to McCall for the day. McCall is situated on the southern shore of Payette Lake, near the center of the Payette National Forest and is one of the biggest towns for tourism in Idaho. We recommend stopping by the Pancake House for breakfast and the Fogglifter Cafe for a great cup of coffee! And, if you end up taking a longer trip, make sure you stop by My Father’s Place for the best burgers and milkshakes. In addition to great food, McCall is a beautiful little town that is so fun to just walk around in and explore. You will see stunning views of Idaho’s mountains and probably meet some friendly deer.

We can’t wait for the warmer weather to arrive so we can share some of our favorite summer activities with you.