Nampa Christian Schools “Country Fair & Auction”

Are you looking for ways to support your community? Well, today we are sharing about a great opportunity to support the Nampa Christian’s Schools Annual Fair and Auction.

“Nampa Christian Schools has been hosting an Annual Country Fair and Auction for nearly six decades now. In that time, millions of dollars have been raised to help keep the cost of tuition as low as possible. We currently raise more than $100,000 each year and it’s all because of the many generous businesses and individuals who donate their time and resources so that we can offer our families and students quality, affordable Christian education. The funds from this event go directly to our general fund to help keep tuition rates low by bridging the gap between tuition and the total cost to run the school and maintain all of its assets.”

The event will take place this coming Friday the 26th and Saturday the 27th at 505 W Orchard Ave in Nampa. Come and enjoy all of the festivities they have to offer! From the kids carnival, silent and live auction, food and beverage vendors, raffle tickets available for purchase and more! You can click the link below that will take you directly to their website and where you can find all of the information regarding the event.