4 Easy Tips for Successful Spring Cleaning

1. Clean Room by Room

It can be very overwhelming when you try to tackle everything at once. It is best and most effective to focus on one room at a time. Focus on the areas that have been largely neglected most of winter and maybe skip past the areas that you have cleaned more recently.

2. Organize and De-Clutter

Once you know what room you are going to start with, now it’s time to think about organizing and de-cluttering. Maybe that’s getting rid of the boxes piling up in your closet or the stuff in your kitchen that you haven’t touched in ages. Whatever it may be, identify your problem areas and start there. Then, you can sort your belongings into categories. Trash, give away or put away. Try to get the trash and give away items out as soon as possible. With your give away items you can always plan a yard sale or drop them off at your local donation centers.

3. Get the Family Involved

This can make it fun and a little less stressful. Younger children can be great helpers. You can assign age appropriate chores so everyone feels involved. Put on your favorite music as you all clean together.

4. Establish New Habits

After all of the cleaning, organizing and de-cluttering is done; it can now be a great time to reflect on what you can do differently throughout the year to make spring cleaning even easier the next time around. That can be writing down some of the areas that you focused on the most and adding them to your regular cleaning lists a few times throughout the year. Another thing can be as simple as spending 10-15 minutes tidying up after each day. I like to do this and then add one deep cleaning day a week. Usually on Mondays to have a fresh/clean house to start the week.